Tarot Divination

“What we are blind to binds us”

The Tarot, as a tool for creative consciousness, contains a wealth of wisdom, and is as vast and layered a form of communication as any of the Arts. A reading will empower and enlighten your life’s journey and is often a catalyst for transformational healing.

Divination is a direct conversation with the Divine principle, opening a clear channel for divine loving guidance. A reading is a collaborative experience, where we make contact with the ‘Mystery’ of the Self with the assistance of Spirit. Through symbols and metaphoric imagery of Tarot we can decipher and reveal clear messages that inform and assist in the navigation of our evolving consciousness. Possibilities, patterns and potentialities can be entertained and explored and transformational opportunities embraced.

I draw on over 40 years of exploration and experience with Tarot divination and all readings are customized to address your specific questions and issues, addressing all concerns. I include a ‘Tree of Life’ Chakra reading to look at seven aspects of your question from the most physical to the most spiritual. Blocks to self growth will be identified and examined along with the strengths that may help transform them.

Appointments in Victoria BC can be booked by emailing transform@alisonskelton.com

Distance readings are also available by ‘Phone, Skype, or FaceTime and Zoom

“Alison has a deft way with words, weaving metaphors and stories in a way that demystify complex topics. On the personal level she is very perceptive and considerate of the needs of others which is demonstrated through her words and actions. She is a kind and wise soul who genuinely wants to help others.”

“Alison is a unique being, well-versed in traveling the depths and very grounded, caring, and intuitive in a down-to-earth way. It feels wonderful to be in her presence, her work is potent.”

“Alison has a unique gift for intuitively, compassionately, powerfully, and accurately coming to the root of the issue and offering the tools, support, insight, and solutions I’ve needed to heal and grow over the years.”

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