Alison Skelton

Alison is a multi-disciplinary artist, writer, community builder, and teacher of sacred arts. She has been practicing divination, spiritual healing, and energy work, within the context of Witchcraft and Shamanism since her own training began in 1977, as well as performing and facilitating regular seasonal and personal rituals and sacred ceremonies. Her work empowers clients and students to develop their personal spiritual authority and creative consciousness through direct communion with Spirit

In 1984 she was initiated as a Priestess of the Craft by her father Robin Skelton, and in 1993, along with eight other Priestesses, co-founded the 13th House Mystery School Tradition, a creative eclectic tradition with a focus on teaching, healing and the arts. As an elder, mentor, and initiatrix of the tradition her intention is to empower and connect people in ways that will lead to personal and universal healing through creative magic and Shamanism.

Alison is well versed in Shamanic healing and transformation having studied through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and has been trained in Soul Retrieval by Sandra Ingerman. She has presented workshops and ceremony at 3 BC Shamanic Conferences, has led two intensive two year Eclectic Shamanism training courses, and continues to teach classes and experiential workshops on a variety of subjects.

Her current healing practice combines extensive experience as a Priestess of the Craft with eclectic and core Shamanic techniques and ceremonies. This frees her to work intuitively and creatively, combining a variety of metaphysical approaches to address the needs her clients.

As an artist, she explores the relationship between magic and creative self-expression as a means to explore, heal and transform. Her own art is a reflection of spirit as well as an expression of the magic that  she perceives in nature, in the souls of the subjects of her portraits, and in the sacred order of the universe itself.


“Alison has a deft way with words, weaving metaphors and stories in a way that demystify complex topics. On the personal level she is very perceptive and considerate of the needs of others which is demonstrated through her words and actions. She is a kind and wise soul who genuinely wants to help others.”

“Alison is a unique being, well-versed in traveling the depths and very grounded, caring, and intuitive in a down-to-earth way. It feels wonderful to be in her presence, her work is potent.”

“Alison has a unique gift for intuitively, compassionately, powerfully, and accurately coming to the root of the issue and offering the tools, support, insight, and solutions I’ve needed to heal and grow over the years.”

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