Alison Skelton

Priestess, Wise Woman, Elder Witch, and Educator in the Sacred Arts.


SoulCraft is an ever-evolving psycho/spiritual experience, a highly personal communion that can never be fully described or defined except as it emerges in the present moment, which is fluid and magical. Soul is the personal essence, the genius that urges us on, and Spirit is the ever-present guide. I believe in the Power of Creative Consciousness, and that when we engage in Soulful conversation with the guidance of Spirit, we create a healing relationship with our Divine Self, and become a catalyst for positive transformation.

With every breath, every thought, and every step you take on your unique path, you are like an artist painting a masterpiece. We are all in a constant co-creative process, inventing and recreating our Selves, our future, our world. This magical journey is a kind of alchemy: the act of transforming the raw materials of life, both internal and external, into rich gold – symbolizing the true essence and expression of the love that we are here to share.

“Alison has a deft way with words, weaving metaphors and stories in a way that demystify complex topics. On the personal level she is very perceptive and considerate of the needs of others which is demonstrated through her words and actions. She is a kind and wise soul who genuinely wants to help others.”

“Alison is a unique being, well-versed in traveling the depths and very grounded, caring, and intuitive in a down-to-earth way. It feels wonderful to be in her presence, her work is potent.”

“Alison has a unique gift for intuitively, compassionately, powerfully, and accurately coming to the root of the issue and offering the tools, support, insight, and solutions I’ve needed to heal and grow over the years.”


Information on classes coming soon.

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