The Thirteenth House Mystery School Tradition offers a 13 week Introduction to the Philosophy and Ritual Practice of Witchcraft. 


A 13 week beginners course taught by facilitators of the 13th House Mystery School Tradition, offered twice yearly in the spring and fall in Victoria, BC, Canada.

The course is designed for women and men 19 and over who are beginning to explore an interest in wicca and enjoy an experiential approach to learning.

The 13th House tradition was formalized on the fall equinox of 1993 and is a creative eclectic tradition with a focus on teaching, healing and the arts. This course is a culmination of many years of collective experience and exploration of the craft, and a reflection of the diverse and rich variety of backgrounds and practices which the facilitators of the tradition bring to the classroom.

The 13th House Mystery School Tradition is dedicated to the facilitation of self realization and self expression through creative acts.

All classes will be taught "in circle" in order to create a sacred space for learning, sharing and working.

*Please Note: This sample course outline and contents are subject to change, a final schedule will be made available before each course begins.

~ WHEEL OF THE YEAR. A look at the seasonal cycle of celebrations and how they relate to the elements, directions, and astrological year.
~ BELIEFS, ETHICS AND PHILOSOPHIES. The beliefs, ethical principles and philosophies that underscore Wicca as a nature based way of life.
~BASIC RITUAL PRACTICE. An introduction to basic ritual practice, including discussion of altars, working in circle and ritual format.
~THE MYSTERIES OF THE DREAM WORLD. An overview of the healing benefits of dreaming and keys to understanding dreams and dream interpretation.
~ TRANCE. In this class group exercises done in a light trance state are geared towards discovering a metaphorical language for your personal inner world as it relates to the outer world.
~ANCIENT & MODERN HISTORY. The history of Craft imagery, archetypes and values. The evolution of the craft over the past 100 years.
~ DIVINATION. Principles of divination; the intuitive process; various divination tools and their use.
~ NATURAL HEALING ENERGIES. Overview of various approaches to healing using the natural resources of the earth. The healing "contract". Healing with energy and healing spells.
~ SPELLS AND TALISMANS. The basics of verbal spell making and the significance of magical objects. We will create a talisman and charge it with our intention.
~ LUNAR MAGIC. The cyclical nature of the moon and the corresponding energies associated with each phase will be looked at and discussed in relationship to astrology and a variety of magical works.
~ THE MAGICAL HOUSEHOLD. Living with magic in our domestic realm. The use of household altars; smudging and sweeping; magical planting, the set of placement (feng shui) and protective magic.
~ MUSIC MOVEMENT AND CREATIVITY IN THE MAGICAL CONTEXT. How music, chant, and movement create patterns of energy for grounding, ritual, meditation, and other magical workings.

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